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Certificates Dashboard: Introduction

Welcome to the M-RETS!

In this article, we are going to look at an overview of the Certificates Dashboard.

Your Certificates Dashboard view should look something like this. Please note, your tabs on the left may vary.

Each tab within the Certificates Dashboard will display relevant data and information pertaining to your certificates.

You will see options to change from ‘Active’,’ Retired’, or ‘Market’. Below these buttons, you will see the total RECs under each status within your organization.

The Table

The main source of data is the RECs table. In the table, you will notice the following columns by default:

You will also see a ‘Details’ button which provides a condensed version of the information in the table. Lastly, you may see a ‘Generation’ button which provides the user with a data visualization of the generation corresponding to their RECs.

The Table: Rearranging Columns

If you prefer a different layout of columns, select the header and drag it to a new location. 

The Table: Filtering

You will notice inside each column label the text: ‘Filter…‘.This feature is for limiting what is shown in the column. Example: If I only wanted to see my solar RECs, I could select the filter under ‘Fuel Type’ and select ‘Solar’.

Settings: The Gear

Don’t want to see all of these columns? Click on the gear icon.

You should see the following window:

Un-check any columns that you do not want to be included in the table.

Downloading your RECs: The Arrow

To download the table you are currently accessing, select the below icon:

Selecting the ‘reset’ button will reset the table to the format it was at login.

Please refer to additional help articles found under the Transactions section for how to conduct transactions within the Certificates dashboard.