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Generation Upload Data Format

How will the CSV file be created?

The CSV File can be created in Excel or Notepad. Programs (like Excel) that add formatting may reformat date fields which will result in errors when loading the file. The data shall be in ASCII Text with data fields delimited by commas (Comma-Separated Value – CSV format). More detailed information about CSV format can be found here.

Data Field Requirements

** Please note: This is may be different from what you have done in the past. **

Trouble Shooting Tips

Errors can be forwarded to the M-RETS Administrator with a screenshot and a copy of the file if assistance is needed in troubleshooting errors.

How will the data be collected?

The data must be electronically collected by a meter data acquisition system, such as a MV-90 system, or pulse accumulator readings collected by the control area’s Energy Management System, and verified through a control area checkout/energy accounting or settlements process which occurs monthly. The preferred source for the data is a meter data acquisition system. If the control area does not have an electronic source for collecting revenue meter data, then manual meter reads will be accepted.

Inverter data, PVWatts estimates, or calculations are not accepted sources of data.