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Transferring or Reassigning Generators/Projects

This article will detail how a transfer or reassign of generator/project is completed.

It is a relatively simple process and there is no cost.

M-RETS requires both parties to confirm an assignment of registration rights (by a user with manage authority over the account and transactions), the date the assignment will be effective, and the date the assignment will be terminated if there is one. In the past, we have required parties to sign the Schedule A for these types of transactions which is available here: This gives us a paper trail of the confirmation and agreement between the parties. Also, It helps to have consent from both account holders about one month before the desired date for the change to take place.

Once we have written confirmation by authorized agents of both parties, we will effect the transaction on the date desired by both parties. We ask that you both reaffirm your desire to effect the transaction on that date in case there was a delay uploading RECs or any other changes that could create issues once the generator is transferred.