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Transfer to Multiple Active Accounts

Learn how to transfer a batch of RECs to multiple active accounts

Getting Started

Select the RECs for transfer as you normally would and click “Transfer”.

Click the drop-down on the top of the screen and click “to multiple active accounts”.

Click the drop-down under “Select the account you would like these RECs to be transferred to.”

Select your accounts. For this example, I am splitting the Certificates between three Accounts.

Enter an percentage allotment for each selected Account. The percentages must total 100%. For this example, I am splitting this batch evenly with a 1 Certificate remainder.

Please enter amounts carefully. Certificates can only be split in whole numbers. Remainder certificates are allocated to the first account listed. To change which accounts get priority drag and drop the account rows. 

You can cre-order the list of Accounts if you need to change the placement of remainder Certificates.

In this example, I chose a different batch of Certificates to show a remainder.

Select “Review Transfer” and review your transfer. If everything looks correct, click “Complete Transfer”.