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Withdrawing/Accepting/Rejecting Transfers

This article explains how to withdraw, accept, and reject a transfer

After logging in, you may have noticed something different about the portal. I’d like to formally introduce you to the ‘Transactions’ tab!

Now, I know you’re thinking, “What the heck is the Transactions tab for?” Well you have come to the right place. Also, you’re getting ahead of me. Watch yourself.

After clicking on Transactions you will see a couple of familiar tabs; Pending and History. For this article, we are going to click on ‘Pending’.

Withdrawing Transfers

Let us start with Withdrawals. After clicking on ‘Pending’, you will see your pending transactions. To withdraw a transaction, all you have to do is click on ‘Withdraw’.

Then you will see a window very similar to this pop up.

Click ‘Withdraw’, and you are set!

Accepting Transfers

If you have an incoming transfer, you will see them under ‘Pending’ as well. To accept or reject the transfers, click on ‘Review’.

Let us start with accepting a transfer. After clicking on Review, you will see options that control into which account you would like to transfer the RECs. After selecting the correct account, click ‘Review Transfer’.

You will see one final review of your transfer. When ready, click ‘Accept Transfer’.

Ta-Da! You also will see an option to download a transaction summary document.

Rejecting Transfers

If you believe RECs were transferred to your organization in error, contact the System Administrator.
OK, now how do we reject a transfer? Well THAT one is very simple. Remember when we saw this page?

All you have to do is click ‘Reject’ and it will disappear from your Pending Transactions. 

Between you and me, I think you’ve earned a break. Wouldn’t you agree?