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Retiring Certificates

Certificate Retirement is an action taken by the User to remove RECs from circulation. MRETS is not responsible for ensuring that Users retire RECs for voluntary or compliance purposes. M-RETS requires all Users to initiate and complete all retirements. Please notify M-RETS if you would like to add a new type of voluntary or compliance retirement reason. 

To retire RECs, follow this process.

Select the batch(es) you wish to retire from the Active Certificates table. If you do not want to retire an entire batch, you will be able to reduce the amount of selected RECs on the following screen.

Click Retire.

On the next screen, you can change the amount of RECs you are retiring. For this example, I will retire 2,250 RECs, 1,250 RECs from batch A and 1,000 RECs from Batch B.

Next, choose a retirement type. After you select Voluntary or Compliance, Retirement Reasons will appear. All Certificate retirement types allow the user to input notes that become a part of the retirement record in the database. For this example, I have chosen A Voluntary State RPS retirement for Illinois 2020.

Next, I will select a Retirement Account to deposit the retired RECs. For this example, I have selected “Retirement account 1”. 

NOTE: You will not be able to change Retirement Accounts after the retirement. Be sure to select the correct Account.

Click Review Retirement.

Carefully examine your retirement details for accuracy. If everything looks correct, select “Complete Retirement.”

Upon completion, you will see a confirmation screen that your retirement was successful. Here you can also select “View Transaction History” to download a retirement record document.