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Exporting From ERCOT to M-RETS

Texas Renewable Energy Trading Program (ERCOT)

The rules governing the Texas Renewable Energy Credit Trading Program do not provide a directive on exporting or importing files with other REC Trading Programs.Reasons to retire a REC in the Texas REC Trading Program include mandatory (compliance with the RPS mandate), voluntary and expired (still in the trading program when the REC reaches end of life). The Texas REC Trading Program does not export the REC, and any use of a REC retired in the Texas REC Trading Program by another REC Trading Program would be subject to that Trading Programs rules.

In 2018 ERCOT added a process whereby Account holders can identify the reason for retiring a REC by adding an optional field where an Account holder could leave the field empty or enter “green-e” or “export”. To complete an export to M-RETS, the ERCOT Account holder must enter in the empty field, “Export to M-RETS” along with the date of the transaction. For example, if the export is initiated on October 1, 2018, for M-RETS to process the Export the field must read, “Export to M-RETS effective 10/01/2018.” 

This is what the retirement should look like in the ERCOT system. 

Once the action is complete in the ERCOT system the User must submit a Summary Report to M-RETS ( In May 2018, ERCOT posted updates they made to the system that includes how to access and send the reports which is accessible here. The email sent should look like the below example posted by ERCOT:

The ERCOT Account Holder must also send an email to M-RETS with the following information:

Declaration of Exporting Account Holder 

I, (print name and title) __________________, declare that I am the lawful representative of (Account Holder Name) ________________, and that I wish to export the Certificates identified in this transaction from ERCOT to M-RETS. I further declare __ (electronic initial) that the Certificates to be imported are Whole Certificates as defined by M-RETS and do not contain any Compliance Premiums, Bonus RECs, or any other Certificates that are above and beyond the electricity generated by the facility according to all M-RETS Operating Procedures. Furthermore, all the generation and environmental attributes, including the attributes indicating the level of direct emissions from the generating facility, and also including any carbon offsets or avoided emissions (if any are authorized), were transferred to the M-RETS Account Holder when it acquired the Certificates, and to the best of my knowledge, these attributes have not been sold, marketed or otherwise claimed by any party other than Account Holder.

Account Holder Representative Electronic Signature: ____________

Printed Name: _______________________ 

Title: ______________________

Date: ______________________
ERCOT System Information:
Project Name or Facility ID:
Quantity: [total number of RECs exported from ERCOT to M-RETS]
Vintage: [Month/Year]
Serial number start and serial number end: [ex. 000001 – 000031] 

Receiving Organization Holder Info:
Organization at destination:
Organization ID at destination:
Additional notes:
Once M-RETS processes the Export from ERCOT to M-RETS, the Receiving M-RETS Account Holder must go into their Account and accept the transfer. Failure to include the declaration may result in a delay to the desired export of the RECs from ERCOT to M-RETS.