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Within the System

This list contains help guides for the M-RETS, broken down by sidebar categories. NOTE: Your organization may not see all of these categories.

Enrolling in Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

Annual Generator Review Process

Filtering and Downloading Tables


Certificates Dashboard: An Introduction

Reserve Certificates Overview

Transferring Certificates

How to Transfer a Certificate

Retiring Certificates

How to retire Certificates in M-RETS

Certificate Retirement Types

Available options to select when retiring RECs


How-To: Automatic Recurring Transfers and Irrevocable Transfers

Automatic Recurring Transfers (ARTs) are now available. Here’s how to use them! (Formerly known as Forward Transfers and Standing Orders)

Withdrawing/Accepting/Rejecting Transfers

This article explains how to withdraw, accept, and reject a transfer

Exporting RECs

Exporting from ERCOT to M-RETS

Mass Certificate Transfers

Hourly Data

View Hourly Data Reports

How to view multiple hourly data values.

Make an Hourly Claim

M-RETS is proud to be the first tracking system that allows Hourly Claims.


Add Active, Reserve, or Retirement Account

This article describes how to add an active or retirement account to your organization


Distributed Generation Groups

Register a New Generator

Learn how to register a new generator or project in M-RETS.

Transferring or Reassigning Generators/Projects

This article will detail how a transfer or reassign of generator/project is completed.


Upload Generation Data

Learn how to upload generation data.

Multi-Fuel Issuance: Entering Fuel Splits for Multi-Fuel Generators

This article will walk you through the multi-fuel issuance split process required before issuance

Feasibility Failures

What to do if you get a feasibility analysis failure upon upload

Generation Upload Data Format

Generation Adjustments


Adding a Program

This article will describe the basics of Programs

Participating in a Program

A Guide to Participating in Compliance or Voluntary Programs


Participate in a Market

Adding Certificates to a Market

Billing and Invoices

Adding a New User to an Organization

This article will help you figure out how to add a new user to your organization

Removing a User from your Organization

This article will walk through how to remove a user by setting them to Inactive.

Update/Add your Billing Contact Information

Email Notifications

Learn how to add or remove email notifications as a user

View the Status of Current and Past Invoices


Where might I find my invoice in the tracking system?


Learn more about how RECs are used for compliance.

Illinois Alternative Retail Electric Supplier (ARES) Information

IL ARES Information

Wisconsin Compliance

Wisconsin Compliance Assistance - Link to PSC Website

Minnesota Compliance Training

Assistance with Completing Minnesota RPS and Green Pricing Retirements in M-RETS

Platform Documents

Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and other legal documents

M-RETS Privacy Policy

Policies guiding use of user information

Terms of Use

Rules for using the M-RETS system