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Register a New Generator

Learn how to register a new generator or project in M-RETS.

The following information will guide you through the steps necessary to register a Project in your M-RETS® organization account. M-RETS is available to assist you throughout the registration process. Please call 651-900-7891, or email at

Review Registry Operating Documents

The Registry Operating Procedures detail the requirements and definitions of different types projects. The Operating Procedures are available here. If you have not yet registered an M-RETS Organization, visit our Organization registration page here.

Register a Generator/Project

You will now see any Active generators in your Organization. For a full walkthrough of this page, please see our Projects Tab: An Introduction Article. (coming soon)

B. Once you access the screen your project is now in “Draft” mode. You can continue to update your project, however, make sure you save changes by clicking on the save project button. Once you have filled in all of the information required (indicated by an *), you will be able to submit the project registration to the system administrator for approval. If you are not sure what a field is asking, please consult the table at the bottom of this article. If you are still unsure after consulting the Operating Procedures please contact the M-RETS System Administrator. 

The System Administrator will try and approve projects submitted with all the required information within seven days. If you need your project approved sooner, please email and communicate your deadline.

The most common mistake is people not sure whether their generator is unit specific, it should be unless you are registering an aggregated generator. 

Uploading Supporting Documents

  1. You can find required documentation by the link HERE

Use the Documents tab interface to upload documents. By clicking the blue “Upload Document” a local search function can be accessed. 

Submission and Review

PLEASE NOTE: Your generator must be submitted or it will not be accepted.

The M-RETS Administrator will then be notified of the New Asset Registration via email. Your project will then be put into Pending mode until the System Administrator Approves the project or asks for further information. 

Please Note: By submitting a generator for approval, the user represents and warrants to M-RETS that all information for this generator shall be true, complete, and correct to the best of its knowledge, information and belief. Any changes after submission may result in a delay in the approval process.

Static Data Field Information