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Mass Certificate Transfers

M-RETS has released new functionality that allows for the mass transfer of certificates via CSV to either an active account or an external organization.

To Mass Transfer Certificates: Creating the CSV transfer file

  1. Filter the “Active” certificates dashboard by the batches you wish to transfer. In this example, I will filter by vintage range of 01/2020 to 12/2020. Once filtered, select the download button, you will need to take information from the downloaded CSV later.

  1. Navigate to the Registry Documents section of the M-RETS website ( Under the “Mass Certificate Transfers” section download the “Mass Certificate Transfers Template”. We will then input the necessary information into the CSV.

  2. Column A Using the downloaded “Active Certificates” CSV from step one, copy the serial numbers into the “Mass Certificate Transfers Template”.

  1. Column B Input the quantity you are transferring, you can transfer either the full batch or a partial quantity.

Please note: for columns C & D below you will only need to complete one column. You can either transfer certificates from one active account to another or transfer certificates externally to an organization.

  1. Column C If transferring to an external organization: You will need to obtain the organization ID from the org, this ID will begin with “MM” followed by several numbers.

  2. Column D If transferring to an internal active account: Obtain the Account ID by navigating to “Accounts” and copying the “Account ID”.

  3. Column E You can include any notes that you would like to appear on the certificate transfer.

Uploading the MCT File

  1. Navigate to the “Certificates” Dashboard

  2. Select the “Upload” button at the top of the table.

  1. Select “Choose file” and then “Upload”

If there is an error with your upload or file you will receive an email from the M-RETS System detailing what the issue is. If the certificates are being sent to an external organization they will remain in a pending state until they are accepted.